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                                   Education plays a pivotal role for the development of a child, we are firm                                    believer that habits are formed during the primary and school stage of                                    the child. Our motto is to promote qualities of self-reliance, integrity,                                    adaptability, social awareness, faithfulness, truthfulness, smartness,                                    forgiveness, in each child and nurture them to be responsible citizens of                                    tomorrow.



                                   At GVPS, we create an environment that focuses not only on Academic                                    growth but also enhance discipline, social awareness and personality                                    development. In life, everyone wants people who are educated, people                                    with knowledge and confidence. An educated child will have greater                                    opportunity to make dreams into reality. We realize full potential of your                                    child because we believe in complete education.At GVPS, we stand out                                    and care for your child.